If language is the cultural foundation of society, we believe that speaking plays a key role in an individual’s education, development and overall fulfillment, regardless of age.

We train middle schoolers and college students for the different types of public speaking, all the while guiding them in their career choices and helping them be prepared for their job and internship interviews.

Our teaching programs all aim to build youth’s self-confidence through different types of oral expressions (negotiations / interviews / speeches / pleads / debates / acting / poetry slam).

The Indigo Cooperative also organizes training seminars in companies wishing to introduce their employees to public speaking and negotiation techniques in a professional setting.

Once the training is completed, the companies with which the Indigo Cooperative is partner provide real interviews to interested students.



In universities where the Eloquentia contest is organized (like Nanterre, Villetaneuse, Grenoble, and Le Havre), Master classes and debate workshops are organized several times throughout the school year. They are taught by lawyers and professional speakers.

In universities