Imagined by Stéphane de Freitas, better known under his artist name “SdF”, Indigo is an artistic concept resulting in the harmonious mix of blue and red, symbolic colors that are often opposed in our minds.

Transposing this initiative into everyday life and basing ourselves on the observation that we are the most interconnected and linked generation in the OUR STORY of humanity, The Indigo Cooperative, a nonprofit, develops social, cultural and artistic projects in order to invent new ways of improving social relations.

We want to eliminate the ongoing pessimism unjustly plummeting the confidence we have in our times, inducing anger and accentuating divisions.

In a time where digital revolutions allow any individual to be connected to others and to have a collective impact on the world, our actions show that we are witnessing the emergence of a more united, aware and collaborative society.
We are one. More now than ever.


Our actions respond to the following triptych: