Stéphane de Freitas, better known under his artist name SdF, imagined The Indigo Cooperative upon observing the disappearance of social relations.

A nonprofit with no political affiliation or specific community in mind, its goal is to reflect on the rise of a collaborative society and to lead participative, educational and artistic social actions.

This nonprofit officially began its activities in June of 2012 with the Eloquentia contest: a public speaking contest at the University of Saint-Denis (93), a Paris region university in France.


The first edition of the Eloquentia contest took place at the University of Saint-Denis, France, as well as the first round table “The Arenas”, to exchange thoughts, ideas and solutions about the collaborative society.


2014 marks the beginning of the development of the “Eloquentia” educational programs. The objective: training youth in public speaking and its various forms to develop their self-esteem. Speeches, interviews, slam, poetry and culture of public debate; our different training courses are developed at the University Paris VIII (Saint-Denis) as well as in the middle schools of Seine-Saint-Denis.

The nonprofit is also engaged in helping individuals having participated in Eloquentia programs and internships and jobs.

2014 also marks the implementation of the 3rd originally planned project: Indigo, the social media of mutual help and its "Currency of Generosity", the Digo. This is a platform where the more you help out your community, the more you gain Digos, which enables you to be helped in return.


After the Saint-Denis University’s success, new Eloquentia programs were implemented in other universities in and around Paris (Nanterre and Villetaneuse).

In the context of the COP21, the Indigo Cooperative organizes negotiation simulations at the UNESCO headquarters with middle schoolers from the Seine-Saint Denis area.

Even though the platform was not yet fully developped, Indigo became the most crowdfunded social network in the history of France on kisskissbankbank.


New Eloquentia contests will be implemented all around France.

2016 will be the year of Indigo's launch in France and in countries where communities of volunteers are interested in using Indigo’s virtual money (in Greece, Portugal, Ivory Coast ...).